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SHELLEY BATCULES is a creative spirit, committed to a life-long journey of learning, and sharing, the multi-dimensional creative process, which requires embarking on the internal (psychological) and external (physical) exploration of several facets:

1st: Recognize the phases of revelation, commitment and sacrifice required to live life in the role of an artist.

nd: Explore how art as a purpose, plays a significant role as a universal language, or form of expression, within contemporary society, on the local level and in the greater World sphere.

rd: Innovate through experimentation using various mediums of expression such as visual fine art, mixed media, digital and video art.

th: Look back as you look forward. Learn from the past, from the History of Art, and the history it documents about the development of society.

th: Embrace every moment in life by seeing each experience as a potential creative opportunity. Consider the idea, “Life is a classroom,” composed with an orchestration of all forms of objective and subjective communication, that when applied builds a “perfect circle” or cycle of learning, that incorporates all forms and facets of the human condition and experience.

th: Use intuitive instincts to develop an artistic outlook, and open the mind to appreciate the fact that “the only constant in life is change.”

th: Embrace the right side of the brain, and delve into creative thinking and problem solving by balancing the order and chaos found in each instance, then apply the concept that each adversity is an opportunity to solve through the tenacity to create innovation.

th Creativity is like Life – it is always in flux.
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BE BOLD to believe bravely in your inner child.

LEAN ON FACTS; learn to be lean and see truth over fiction, with found objects observed through personal observation.

SEE FACTS through the sight of your own eyes.

SET SIGHTS on building up your personal perspective.

BE PROUD to: PROP-UP your point!

POUND-DOWN into the punctuation of your profound nature, nurtured in an underground pipeline of positivity.

PIERCE into pictures of people in your past, who present profound lessons.

PONDER the “FACT/FICTION” we find ourselves living in; a “foundation/folly,” fundamentally fixated on finding the PARADOX – TO CREATE CONFUSION…

Calculated CONCLUSION: an “Ordered Chaos” the children will consume.
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Shelley’s formal academic journey commenced at Niagara College of Applied Arts & Technology in the Communication Arts & Graphic Design Program, where she was honoured as valedictorian, and awarded the Faculty of Applied Arts & Sciences Award for the top overall academic achievement. 
Shelley then enrolled in the
one-of-a-kind joint program offered by the University of Toronto and Sheridan College Art & Art History Specialist Program (Toronto) which combined the academic strength of U of T art history in conjunction with the powerful studio art programs Sheridan College is renowned for.
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This invaluable academic and studio hybrid experience resulted in Shelley achieving her Nomination to the International Golden Key Honour Society, University of Toronto Chapter (1st Canadian Chapter) for being in the top 15% academic status in North America, a position on the Presidential Honour Roll (with distinction), and both Woolfitt’s and Stevenson’s studio awards for drawing and painting. At the University of Toronto, Batcules chose to pursue an academic specialist degree in art history, with a minor in the Classics, and cultural anthropology.
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