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Jousting in a journey through juggernauts...

Politics is a journey that assaults our everyday observation.
We the People witness, "Profiles in Courage," and the profound change powerful personalities present to the World.
The role of the contemporary artist is to provide "Creative Characterizations"
in the process of all aspects of life, and throughout the past artists have documented the politic of their time, for viewers in the present to ponder, to make pathways into the future…



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NOW PLAYING; the plot in the “Art of Politics,” the absolute big-ticket issue of our time satirically staged within the everlasting importance of OUR FATE/destiny. The Ticket Master manages minds to “exit stage left,” telling us this theater is off limits to the people, just stay home… Think for one second, see clearly, consider from a safe social distance, there is “A cause” to see a deep stage set-up behind the scenes to censor communication. See celebrities set-up specific causes, lit up to sell limiting civil liberties.
Be brave, embrace boundless brain-power, go beyond the build-up of barriers and boundaries, walk the dog, see through sensational screens that wag dogs’ tail. Be wary of waving left hands hearkening you to WHAT - look over here <<<--->>> 
Practice pious principles, place priorities straight, capture common sense, verify virtues and vices, reflect on research to right the ship, and remember the sacrifice of The Righteous who risk Everything…   
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The PUZZLE of Political Patterns…
Follow patterns pounded in history to find facts leading down paths to Truth…

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Many believe, conquering the Greatest Post of Power is simply capturing the ultimate “ego-boost;” that becoming the Most Powerful Person in the Modern WORLD gives out “Supreme Power,” just by winning the Presidency. In fact, winning the role, can be within the context of being “an outsider,” is in and of itself, the Greatest Act of Courage.

Ask yourself Why? Then consider carefully the answer. To stand strong in the Presidential post requires sacrificing personal safety to sufficiently, let alone significantly protect the Patriotism of the People and security of the Republic, and to then Fight Fearlessly for its Freedom.

In 1957, JFK won a Pulitzer Prize for his book “Profiles in Courage.” We know what happened from there… The “Peg Board” Portrait series puts the profound in practical terms, and the creative method is “to make a point” with pictures, poke holes into the Politic in Art, to shine light through dark days. Triumph Today, is - teaching these traditional tales to powerfully point out purpose filled people and pinpoint historical places that punch bullet holes in history, and still take up the trident to keep the Truth alive, to keep U.S. ALL FREE.


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of the Political Machine

An oil on canvas series all set within tall vertical canvases, with tight crop compositions and grid patterns to add to the psychological impact and meaning.

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Posted: August 25, 2020, RNC Republican National DAY 2
The ART in WINNING the GAME with the TRUMP CARD 2020. GAME ON Gladiators, PLAY time, as Protestors pound the entire foundation of history, threatening to tick tock test our tolerance for Totalitarian treatment... Peaceful play-craft of propaganda perhaps??
Think about the hardball assault on all lives that are decent, hardworking, ethically based people. How will good intentions be treated in times to come. How do you see Life today as we approach the most important election in the World; Upside down, or downside up?
FACE UP to a card game where the ACE of spades stokes the fires to make people scared. Ponder what is really at stake under the Political Chess Board that is burning down the brightness of freedom fought over generations. ALL Business Matters, and many will feel the bite based on either blundering complacency in BIG BOY rules or bold moves to make brave benchmarks.

As an artist, it is an accomplishment to put an accent on making or stating change by charting contemporary challenges and accomplishments. Don't let people cancel this culture.
45th FLOTUS of the United States Melania Trump
“Change is the Law of Life” and “Those who make Peaceful Revolution Impossible will make Violent Revolution Inevitable.”
John F. Kennedy

Painting John F. Kennedy requires a multi-faceted process to reflect the power of his life and how it touched ours.
Based on this, I am working on a portrait series that incorporates a mixture of traditional and innovative/experimental styles and mediums.

Painting profound personalities and pondering peoples’ passionate pronouncements gives power to contemplate challenge in change with conscious conviction to conquer bold beginnings. Change is considered a risk. Choice makes change, so try power tools to poke into finding light; drill down into recycled depths of dust, stir up ashes, inevitably assert the idea all ash is recycled revelation in the ground from once we came. This is learning, and learning is life – a classic classroom. JFK kicked this concept to the core with courageous commentary:

“Change is the Law of Life” and “Those who make Peaceful Revolution Impossible will make Violent Revolution Inevitable.” Think Art: revolutionary, powerful, peaceful expression always to be protected by people…Hence, the artist’s creative communication process: try drilling down through recycled plywood, pull up timeless light of truth in JFK, take his debate out from the depths, stoke his spirit back to stand strong, let liberation light the way to touch a timeless spirit…

Spread paint on “skid” row, sound off JFK speeches as sentimental stimulation, place personal query on quotes, explore space in expression, play with placement of profound words give further meaning and messaging…
Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
John F. Kennedy
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.
John F. Kennedy
The “Peg Board” Portrait seems profoundly practical “to make a point” with pictures, that poke holes into Political Art by bravely drilling down to make dust, to then lift up the light behind “the pegged” in the portrait of history.

Triumph is - teaching traditional tales that powerfully point out purpose filled people that pinpoint places that punch bullet holes in history. Hook up heroes, hold, and hang hearts, high on halls of honour where history is heard, then healed by our hearts. In 1957, JFK won a Pulitzer Prize for his book “Profiles in Courage.” I paint two profound Profiles in Courage: JFK: powerful father, JFK Jr. powerful son. Father and Sons’ fight for Freedom forms a place on the “peg board” pivot point where the past pivots perspective to punctuate the present. "RE: Present" the Future…to find True Fortune…

People often tell me I could be a great man. I'd rather be a Good man...
John F. Kennedy Jr.
POST 20/20

WATCH YOUR BACK! I am running for our lives...in 2020...

The lap is long… but never forget, WE the People are strong in the struggle to keep the ship straight in the censorship of chaotic seas of social media; but living to fight for Liberty for ALL is worth it… and, in the END the picture will be worth a million words that will describe a NEW beginning… Never forget, fight with faith, and never give up…

As I compile simple observations through fact found in past pictures, I give credit to John F. Kennedy Jr. George magazine, and Getty, unz images for providing props to set this stage to provide truth at such an important time in 2020.
In Canada, we've been awaiting the SNOWday...Getting SNOWEDin has been on Our mind for sometime...
Shelley Batcules
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Whistles Blow, and dust-up the “Sands of Time” in 2020, leaked through the Hourglass, trickling tales of “This TIME” and past times in “Wiki-Leaks” that tell us hidden Truths will soon be told in future times… Don’t get SNOWed-IN by systemic sensationalism designed to lock you in/up with lies.

READ outside the media mindset to get your weary mind right.
DIG into the DEEP statements in dictionary definitions:

WIKI: a website that allows visitors to make changes, contributions or corrections
LEAKS: to let a substance or light in or out through an opening
: to become known despite efforts at concealment
: to be the source of an information leak

Actions will speak louder than words so, be OPEN to dialogue, observe, and only ACT after you understand – for Yourself…

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The “Sands of Time” are leaking through the Hourglass, trickling tales of “This Time” that tell us the Truth will soon be told...and all actions will speak louder than words…
DIG DEEP into dictionary definitions:

WIKI: a website that allows visitors to make changes, contributions or corrections

LEAKS: to let a substance or light in or out through an opening
: to become known despite efforts at concealment
: to be the source of an information leak

CENSORSHIP silences and vilifies voices seeking Veritas, in a vice of solitary concealment, but courageous communication will break the chains to unlock valuable “messages in the bottle” so get out of the trap of glass houses, right the ship, so we can together set sail toward true meaning and float toward favourable ways to understand all causes…
Dare I say "Don't surrender to fear", surmount the sense of being scared to speak out when something stokes you to stand up for what is right, rather be stimulated to stand straight, look at the fine line, and act out the art of asking questions - BIG and small...

Surrender to actions that speak out loud in words that whisper ways to whip up answers to whistle "What!" and "Why?" Surmount smoke and mirrors and surrender to the slip of the sands of this time as time leaks through the lens and ocular opening of Assange's observation.

Articulate your political angle using artistic acumen to add an accent to answers acknowledging an acute ability to form a distinct view and language inherent in everyone's instinct to constructively cope with our contemporary conundrum and be strong in the struggle to surmount senseless surrender to the lies left behind by sheep. Let the Lion in you lift your inner legion, leap forward, find the truth walk the path you build, surrender to giving the gift of a shoe to another's foot...
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