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Open mind, communication, and debate... inspires ideas.

Freedom of expression is the bedrock of creativity…

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The technological zeitgeist has stimulated digital art, graphic art, memes, NFT's and creative forms of writing and language art to become the preferred new age method of expression.

The question increasingly becomes; how long will the freedom of expression in this form survive? Will the predator called censorship destroy what was once every artist's and creative person's right.
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ART is learning to see creative constructive solutions, to open communication, an outlet that acknowledges the value in every form of individual expression. In contrast, the WEF: World Economic Forum is attempting to convince the common people they are a virus that relies on Globalist greed to simply survive, “and be happy” with nothing.

SO, THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Learn to be and see yourself, or fall to the Oligarchy of Oppression. Just pick up a history book if you don’t believe. The stories of fallen warriors against warlords speak loudly, in their relevancy today.
The WEF is in every one’s window. The ticking clock is on every wall. HOW MANY WARNINGS DOES IT TAKE for the “common” people of the World to wake up and recognize the WEF’s goal is to steal all the wealth from every “commoner”, and commit the Greatest re-distribution of POWER in history?

NO JOKE, NO CONSPIRACY required to add up obvious events, as the writing is on every wall built between US by THEM – to divide us, to dissolve the power of community required to fight against them. If you allow yourself to research what you read, and focus on the facts in your face, you will soon realize the rough reality - you have been wronged.

PROPAGANDA is pushed right, then wiped left across our faces.

GLOBALIST GREED MONGERS are glaring clearly through every political window, to wipe out privacy, prostitute the children, pulverize your personal power and ability to profit, so you cannot provide for and protect the family you promised to fight for.
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Is Canada at the Point of No Return?
An “event horizon” is an outer ring surrounding a black hole - a point of no return. If an object goes past the outer ring, it can never return again. It is, in fact, a cosmical prison that even light itself cannot escape, a threshold beyond which no events are able to affect the observer.

My dear Canadian patriots, please consider a few common-sense questions:

Do you see what is on the horizon for the newly constructed Canada?

Do you feel the pull of confusion formed by force-fed propaganda?

Do you hear the hype and hypocrisy from the hallowed few?

Do you hold a heavy heart of hopelessness, or lift a helmet on your head to fight for freedom?
Can you capture the courage to conquer the Communism that is capturing Canada?
Perhaps these questions, consciously considered by the few, then the many, can pull our Great Country called Canada back from the brink of no return.
Don’t get sucked in by the black hole of brutal bureaucracy.
See solutions over sinking.
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BE INSPIRED: to MAKE SPACE inside the last secret space – “your mind.” Create a personal 3-step creative process. Then act on impulse without fear or expectation. Simply put, pencil on paper, push without pressure, to find your perspective that documents your personality.

STEP BACK: look, and ponder, then position a positive platform and path...

From there,
PINPOINT: a foundational formula for freedom. Be forever grateful for the choice the Constitution gives the people, to freely communicate with creativity, the freedom to take chances, and be excited about unhindered exploration, in a Republic where we together find the unforgettable journey toward individuality and its core in community...

SO enough said, just sense the significance in the statement:
NEVER GIVE UP on what The Constitution means in the END...
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Shelley Batcules and MAXime Bernier,
Leader of the People's Party of Canada

POST: April 18, 2021

TOGETHER WE STAND STRONG: Maxime Bernier PPC Leader for Prime Minister of Canada & Shelley Batcules Political Portrait Painter – in the creation of the ART of Politics – to paint a picture with a positive vantage point soon to come over the horizon, where the silent MAJORITY STANDS-UP for FREEDOM.

NO MORE TIME to flight from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) NOW is the TIME to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

OUR BASIC RIGHTS ARE IN THREAT, many have trusted the tyrant’s agenda to LOCK innocent people up, but trust the tides will turn, the seas will rise, then turn the page to the simple fact FREEDOM is our GOD given right, and will remain if we are resilient in resistance.

Contemplate to build courage, consider our right to breathe has been taken. THE HOME was once where the Heart is, instead Home is now the New Age Internment/Concentration Camp where family is not allowed to gather around the hearth.

BE Conscious, wake from the dream World of false dogma, CHECKMARK in change…

Need I Say more...
Sometimes it is better to let the picture tell a thousand thoughts.
Reflection is always relevant, and reciprocity sets the rhythm for Great Relationships.
Hold hands, and shake with conviction.

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The Greatness in Grey-Matter and Is “Common Sense” BLACK & WHITE? I contemplate the two-sides of “the Common-Sense Currency Conundrum.”

“HEADS UP” - People need to look up and value “Common-Sense Consciousness.” Cook-up a plain old-fashioned good sense casserole, spiced up daily with sound practical judgement, a pinch of “Free thinking” sprinkled on "Leaves of Logic" – Best served with a BBQ backbone pulled Out of the Fire in that “rare moment” of subconscious gut instinct charred well “ON THE FLIP-SIDE”

“TRUST YOUR GUT,” hold “Old School” thinking, revere rebellious acts, “Call Out” Authoritarianism, remember Revolutionary acts like Thomas Paine in 1776 and the “Common Sense pamphlet” published at the beginning of the American Revolution. Stop Minting the thinking of a “One-sided coin.”

“GRASP THE GREY” and find 90% more efficiency in the Mind's Matter. Common sense is black & white so take a chance on our community of practical thinking people and give humans the honour to rise above hurdles to reach new heights before the robots race over us.