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The Shelley Batcules Studio & Gallery is nestled within the stunning landscape of Niagara Wine Country, and can be viewed online at

The gallery is custom designed by Shelley and her husband Jim, with an expansive outdoor re-cycled multi-tiered deck that spans special areas to view outdoor artworks and installations, to offer visitors safe outdoor spaces to take in art to inspire the senses. The interior of the live/work gallery boasts wall-to-wall exhibitions of political portraiture, abstract and landscape paintings.

Shelley offers original artworks, and welcomes visitors to inquire about custom commissions to suit all price ranges and budgets. The ultimate goal is to bring the Power of Art into People’s daily lives.

Follow Shelley Batcules on: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Go to the contact section regarding sales and commissions.
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ART is learning to SEE.
heART is HOME:
HOME is where the heART is.
LIFE is a way of looking at things…
Open eyes, inside and out, to form a vision.
Collect observations to calculate a perspective,
proceed with a plan, combine it with a positive purpose,
brain-storm ways to balance the conundrum of confusion.

Invest in a sketchbook, try to draw or doodle everyday to embrace your creative potential, activate the right side of your brain, realize art has no rules. This is the base root to access, and utilize your
freedom of expression, and feel the victory vision and liberation of your ideas bring.

ART IS FOR EVERYONE, and is the KEY to the senses.

Access creative ability and environment to stimulate the fuel of potential. Believe in the creativity you possess naturally. Every person is born with an inherited creativity, born with a right side of the brain, the creative engine. Only environmental programming can stop your creative exploration. Don’t let fear stop you from discovering the most liberating act – ART, and self-realization through creative expression. Many people fear failure. There are no mistakes when you put meaning in your path.

There is only one mistake: to never try to express yourself.

FEAR of experimentation, and natural discovery can become a psychological barrier preventing the personality from realizing their true potential and creative nature. CAPTURE creative free-will and LOOK to liberate the exploration of ART.

It is of paramount importance

to protect, nurture and expand arts based education and to promote interest in understanding of
how critical the arts are in the development of future generations, both physically and psychologically.
Science has proven that in order to maximize human potential the human brain requires the full stimulation and function of both sides of the brain,
the left (analytical/intellectual) and the right (creative/intuitive).

Art served and continues to serve as an accessible visual language capable of transcending spoken language and words
to offer educational tools for both the literate and illiterate.


Art is the nutrient nourishing the expansion of grey matter into colour.
Art forms the circle of life, as senses serve up a universal language and form of expression
to manifest the ultimate process and expansion of mind, body and spirit
to explore conscious and subconscious experiences."

Heed history and legends brought by forward thinkers like Aldous Huxley,.
Be open-minded to the “Art of exposure” to alternate, “Alter-realities,”
often considered unconventional, outlandish, and absurd fictional expressions.

In 1943, Aldous Huxley brought us the narrative expressions;
“The Art of Seeing, and the well-known dystopian “Brave New World.”
Current events reveal how Huxley had a 20/20 vision, and fortune-teller foresight that is explosively real, and disturbingly relevant.

Swim in this, then float the idea of balancing a relationship between the CUBE and the SPHERE;
find ways to injection mould the perfect fit for the square peg in the round hole.
ART OPENS THE BANK to the Greatest fortune: Freedom of Expression.
Take the opportunity to open the safety deposit and really

LOOK AT what the BOX is, leap into it,
and then design ways to BREAK FREE of it ...
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THE POWER and INFLUENCE OF ART on Humanity is in its role as the ultimate universal language...

ART breaks down the borders and boundaries of spoken language to further open the way for innovate communication and exploration. what is seen simply, or simply seen in only one physical dimension and consciousness, rather thinking in the abstract transcends the flesh to explore the landscape of the mind and soul – to enlighten the self
to multiple dimensions.
SHELLEY BATCULES is a creative spirit, committed to a life-long journey of learning, and sharing, the multi-dimensional creative process, which requires embarking on the internal (psychological) and external (physical) exploration of several facets:
1st: Recognize the phases of revelation, commitment and sacrifice required to live life in the role of an artist.

2nd: Explore how art as a purpose, plays a significant role as a universal language, or form of expression, within contemporary society, on the local level and in the greater World sphere.

3rd: Innovate through experimentation using various mediums of expression such as visual fine art, mixed media, digital and video art.

4th: Look back as you look forward. Learn from the past, from the History of Art, and the history it documents about the development of society.

5th: Embrace every moment in life by seeing each experience as a potential creative opportunity. Consider the idea, “Life is a classroom,” composed with an orchestration of all forms of objective and subjective communication, that when applied builds a “perfect circle” or cycle of learning, that incorporates all forms and facets of the human condition and experience.

6th: Use intuitive instincts to develop an artistic outlook, and open the mind to appreciate the fact that “the only constant in life is change.”

7th: Embrace the right side of the brain, and delve into creative thinking and problem solving by balancing the order and chaos found in each instance, then apply the concept that each adversity is an opportunity to solve through the tenacity to create innovation.

8th Creativity is like Life – it is always in flux.
BABY STAND STRONG. BE BOLD to believe bravely in your inner child. LEAN ON FACTS; learn to be lean and see truth over fiction, with found objects observed through personal observation.
SEE FACTS through the sight of your own eyes.

SET SIGHTS on building up your personal perspective.

BE PROUD to: PROP-UP your point!

POUND-DOWN into the punctuation of your profound nature, nurtured in an underground pipeline of positivity.
PIERCE into pictures of people in your past, who present profound lessons.

PONDER the “FACT/FICTION” we find ourselves living in; a “foundation/folly,” fundamentally fixated on finding the PARADOX – TO CREATE CONFUSION…
Calculated CONCLUSION: an “Ordered Chaos” the children will consume.
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Arts-based education is of paramount importance to protect, nurture, expand, and promote by understanding of how critical the arts are in the development of balanced thinking by using the right and left brain to the full potential. Science shows to maximize human potential the human brain requires the full stimulation and function of both sides of the brain, the left (analytical/intellectual) and the right (creative/intuitive). Access to Art, as a universal visual language capable of transcending spoken language and words offers powerful visual and auditory educational tools for people of all ages.

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