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The Shelley Batcules Studio & Gallery is located on the beautiful Niagara Wine Route in Ontario, Canada.

Art enables the strength and perspective to overcome many of the challenges and adversities we all faced over the past 3 years, from a political/propagandistic perspective cannot stop our right to the freedom of expression and the creative process.

Art and the freedom of expression offers endless opportunities to enhance and enforce our free-will to put forth alternative platforms to present new methods, processes and solutions through the exploration of how art keeps the power of inspiration, conceptualization, growth and innovation alive.

I implement this passion for painting, digital multimedia, and mixed media art to fine tune ways to share one-of-a-kind projects, on-line exhibitions, memes, and contemporary viewpoint social media posts.

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Look up,
move forward,
climb consciously,
use unconscious to be up-lifted,
remember the rearview
then make revisions,
ride every ramp,
turn the motor on to move mountains,
elevate on the elevator of expression
to evolve to illumination…

Be innovative when exhibiting expression.

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As the World “wakes up,”
I look forward to exploring custom designed, specialized event opportunities to be posted to my news and events section, and on preferred social media platforms.

Stay tuned into, share the love of art at,
and visit me on social media sites
Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy the creative ride, and thank you for supporting art and the creative spirit.

Shelley Batcules

ART breaks down the borders and boundaries of spoken language to further open the way for innovate communication and exploration. what is seen simply, or simply seen in only one physical dimension and consciousness, rather thinking in the abstract transcends the flesh to explore the landscape of the mind and soul – to enlighten the self
to multiple dimensions.


provides people a potential freedom to reach beyond rules, to reach beyond what is seen simply, and simply seen in one physical dimension and consciousness...
ART transcends the flesh, and explores the excitement in transcendent landscapes of the mind, spirit and soul – in a quest to travel to a multitude of dimensions, without fear of rules and regulations, borders or boundaries...Live free and lift a brush, a pencil, a fork, just put forth your idea, and never second guess your potential. The chance to jump is the starting point of inspiration...

Batcules and Abstract Painting

The driving creative force behind Batcules is colour. Shelley Batcules is a painter best known for her distinct abstract technique created with a layered and textural visual alphabet comprised of patterns of dots, pixels and/or lozenges of colour mixed using the scientific principles of colour theory with the intent to create tapestries of complex psychological colour relationships and vibrations. The patterns and colour relationships can be harmonic and/or disruptive depending on the colour formula and palette, the movement and vibration of the pattern and how the composition forms the subject matter.

The Colour of Human Emotions

The exploration of human emotions using the psychology of colour and the therapeutic effects of colour are other major interests for Batcules. During Batcules’ academic studies she had a keen interest in the painter Wassily Kandinsky and the German philosopher Goethe and their belief that colour had a strong impact on the human mood and emotion. A key goal is to provoke the spectator with a powerful visual sensory experience that will provoke an openminded approach to viewing new pictures and ideas which in turn promotes the power of new exploration, inspires discovery, and endorses people of all ages and from all places to embrace and appreciate new and unusual landscapes that have the potential to expand their horizons beyond that which is recognizable in the conscious concrete world only.
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This season’s Premiere Show-stopper is a “Step-up/Step-out Power Trip” to the “True North.” Take a chance, cherish a choice moment to tip your toe into the grandeur of our Great Lakes, cull the cure in clean calm clarity, flowing forward following a caustic conundrum coined Coronavirus. Consider the cure can be found during a canoe ride in consciousness…

Come together to collaborate on a cause that captures and communicates a common climax, by calculating a vaccine of consciousness that captures a vibrating visionary vibrancy via the validation of Veritas versus Vanitas…

GOD gave us grace and power in the Greatness and the Glory of the Canadian Shield. Grab hold of “THE ROCK”, harness Harris, achieve ascension to the “A-grade,” reach the Apex of a Superior State of Mind… Lead with Love and lessons that liberate, then loft your Life on the Great Lakes filled with the trickle of thoughts travelled by, and the gravitas gained by the Group of Seven…Happy Anniversary and Hail to Lauren Harris! Celebrate 100 Years of Monumental Canadian Art!!

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SET your compass; find your centre… Time to travel North is NOW!
STOP social distancing your-self from “Your Soul(e)...
SET SAIL, hear the singing of the Sirens…
SET-UP a stimulating strategy to stifle a sense of being scared to swim in the swirl of creativity Remember, rapids rotate circles of revelation into deep source summary…
SET the STAGE, signify a show space representing self, showing off a specific sensational statement that
SPELLS OUT Who You Are….
Start the Engine, POWER-UP to propeller on a Power Trip” to the “True North.”
Painting profound personalities and pondering peoples’ passionate pronouncements gives power to contemplate challenge in change with conscious conviction to conquer bold beginnings. Change is considered a risk.

Choice makes change, so try power tools to poke into finding light; drill down into recycled depths of dust, stir up ashes, inevitably assert the idea all ash is recycled revelation in the ground from once we came. This is learning, and learning is life – a classic classroom.

JFK kicked this concept to the core with courageous commentary: “Change is the Law of Life” and “Those who make Peaceful Revolution Impossible will make Violent Revolution Inevitable.” Think Art: revolutionary, powerful, peaceful expression always to be protected by people…Hence, the artist’s creative communication process: try drilling down through recycled plywood, pull up timeless light of truth in JFK, take his debate out from the depths, stoke his spirit back to stand strong, let liberation light the way to touch a timeless spirit…

Spread paint on “skid” row, sound off JFK speeches as sentimental stimulation, place personal query on quotes, explore space in expression, play with placement of profound words give further meaning and messaging…
On Simcoe day in Ontario otherwise known as Emancipation Day, marking the end of slavery in the British Empire, and being born to a British family, I walked free on the plank of philosophy, dealt out audio tapes on my deck speaking what I suspect is sage sound advice in an age marked by the pulse of fast-paced passersby, obviously oblivious to overcoming oppression – many asleep at wisdom’s wheel.

To open up minds I opened up the audio, applied my amplifiers, and sounded off the spectacles of Socrates, ponderings of Plato, outed the ideals of Aristotle, advanced Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism to stimulate the sleeping, to see and hear the sentimental seriousness of scholarly thought, to cultivate and celebrate great minds of the past, bringing the old to new school education. After all that I needed a night-cap with Kennedy remembering Rice and the power of the performance. I played the moment for all to hear in “plain sight” provoking a momentous moment to see the power in our past… I must say, I was moved by how many hope filled people hovered past, were humbled to hear his words for the first or second time, and see his timeless impression and impact…

Shelley Batcules
Often things seem to go sideways: so slide into calculating sensational formulas to conquer FEAR.

Rather than falling; instead move the friction forward, so you learn important lessons to see the downside leads to your root, your art, your individuality, your upside, which always leads to the fact you are smART, a colourful flower that contributes to the community garden...

ART is the ROOT of SMART...
Be Fearless...Explore...pick up a pencil...
Do and say what you feel... IT IS that simple... Just share.

It is of paramount importance to protect, nurture and expand arts based education and to promote interest in understanding of how critical the arts are in the development of future generations, both physically and psychologically.

Science has proven that in order to maximize human potential the human brain requires the full stimulation and function of both sides of the brain, the left (analytical/intellectual) and the right (creative/intuitive).

Art served and continues to serve as an accessible visual language capable of transcending spoken language and words to offer educational tools for both the literate and illiterate.
Invest in a sketchbook.

Try to draw or doodle everyday to embrace your creative potential, activate the right side of your brain, realize art has no rules.

This is the base root to access your
freedom of expression to feel the victory of vision and liberation that your ideas will bring.
Access creative ability and environment to stimulate the fuel of potential. Believe in the creativity you possess naturally. Every person is born with an inherited creativity, born with a right side of the brain, the creative engine. Only environmental programming can stop your creative exploration. Don’t let fear stop you from discovering the most liberating act – ART, and self-realization through creative expression. Many people fear failure. There are no mistakes when you put meaning in your path.
FEAR of experimentation, and natural discovery can become a psychological barrier preventing the personality from realizing their true potential and creative nature. CAPTURE creative free-will and LOOK to liberate the exploration of ART.


Arts-based education is of paramount importance to protect, nurture, expand, and promote by understanding of how critical the arts are in the development of balanced thinking by using the right and left brain to the full potential. Science shows to maximize human potential the human brain requires the full stimulation and function of both sides of the brain, the left (analytical/intellectual) and the right (creative/intuitive). Access to Art, as a universal visual language capable of transcending spoken language and words offers powerful visual and auditory educational tools for people of all ages.
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It is a monumental time in life, as I cast my BILLBOARD, as a neighbour/sister to a Great Nation; however, I cannot cast a ballot due to borders, therefore, only spectate the most important election in World history. Good news is, I can still speak my mind, since free-speech is not totally censored yet…

With purpose, I push artistic penmanship, paint perspective filled pictures, showing the clear fact, the World is on the precipice of a major BENCHMARK, a word used in 1813 to mean “a mark on a permanent object,” i.e.: a concrete post set into the ground indicating elevation and serving as a reference topographic surveys and tidal observations. I act through art, make my benchmark, survey significance, feel great gratitude for art as an elevation of spirit where I am still FREE to express…

Now, consider benchmark was re-defined in 1952: something that serves as a standard, a point of reference, by which others may be measured or judged, a standardized problem or test that serves as a basis for evaluation or comparison. Art alerts to look at change, how language changes to communicate “a new narrative.” Be confident about your creativity, have courage to look at everything.

Suggestion of the day: Try to weight-train with books by many authors, be mindful of bibliography, find fact, paint your picture, to see my point…
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Art is the nutrient nourishing the expansion of grey matter into colour.
Art forms the circle of life, as senses serve up a universal language and form of expression
to manifest the ultimate process and expansion of mind, body and spirit
to explore conscious and subconscious experiences."

Heed history and legends brought by forward thinkers like Aldous Huxley,.
Be open-minded to the “Art of exposure” to alternate, “Alter-realities,”
often considered unconventional, outlandish, and absurd fictional expressions.

In 1943, Aldous Huxley brought us the narrative expressions;
“The Art of Seeing, and the well-known dystopian “Brave New World.”
Current events reveal how Huxley had a 20/20 vision, and fortune-teller foresight that is explosively real, and disturbingly relevant.

Swim in this, then float the idea of balancing a relationship between the CUBE and the SPHERE;
find ways to injection mould the perfect fit for the square peg in the round hole.
ART OPENS THE BANK to the Greatest fortune: Freedom of Expression.
Take the opportunity to open the safety deposit and really

LOOK AT what the BOX is, leap into it,
and then design ways to BREAK FREE of it ...