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Abstraction expands beyond what is simply seen in one physical dimension and consciousness, rather it transcends the body and explores the landscape of the mind and soul – to transcend to multiple dimensions. This is an opportunity to ignite the innovative insights of the human mind which lies dormant. Abstraction provides the freedom... to reach beyond... Multi-dimensional thinking is the point at which "the Power of Art," pushes forward free expression, to then open the way to express free will.

Art is a powerful way to express this phenomenon. Realism allows the documentation of that which we can see, and when combined with abstraction, opens up a vast opportunity to document what we imagine within the world of the subconscious and unknown... THE POWER and INFLUENCE OF ART on humanity is in its role as the ultimate universal language... ART breaks down the borders and boundaries of spoken language to further open the way for innovate communication and exploration.

What is seen simply, or simply seen is only one physical dimension and consciousness. Thinking in the abstract transcends the flesh to explore the landscape of the mind and soul – to enlighten the self to multiple dimensions.
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