Shelley Batcules is a formally trained specialist in fine art and art history,
creative communication, graphic and web design,
art direction/set-design, logo development,
print/digital media, advertising/marketing,
retail design, visual merchandising,
trade show booth and exhibition design.
Fine art originals and commissions. Abstract, portraits, landscapes, mixed media and custom construction projects.

Any creative project will be considered.
Bring your imagination and ideas.

Fine Art commissions.

Outdoor patio paintings and installations,


Bring art into the outdoors. Be part of the creative process of collaboration to develop custom designed indoor or outdoor spaces that incorporate original or commissioned paintings developed on traditional materials, or innovative materials that withstand weather. Make a statement in your garden landscape with specialty divider walls, punctuated with shapes to let light shine through and give drama to special places.


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December 22, 2019

Today I test a new take on time, space, circumstance then contemplate the construction of a crib that insulates new birth and innovates a new idea.
Today I look forward…face planted on front window to find a cunning coyote casually captivated by “the Big Catch” collective he calculates to capture. Oh, how I ponder peoples’ fear of the predator and wonder about the wiping out of our wilderness, and the woes of wild-eyed wanderers facing headwinds on highways of human expansion.
Beasts are building blocks of our best friendships. Look back-at-the-yard stick of millennia, see psychological significance of the dogma in dog fights: “man’s best friend, ladies lap dog, the dog house, and dog in the manger. “Bark messages and mark metaphors that lick up lessons to learn by. 
Ponder the possibility your positivity will be perceived as predatory, pick safe spaces for points-of-view, be your best friend, trust the gut, institute insight, sniff out new ideas, insulate your interests, innovative your dog house. Cure whispers of cold wind whistling through cracks in consensus, construct tablets that carve out and insulate the core language to inoculate us from isolation - build Strength in Solidarity & be Warm in Wisdom


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Today I tackle the test of 2020 tides by insulating my interests in innovation 2.0. Some speculate security is sounder the second time around so I continue the construction of a creative crib to insulate the boundless birthing of new ideas. The Goal: provoke the pondering of profound new processes to pound out the positive from the core of communication constructed by past personalities to keep their contributions in our consciousness, focus on formulas manifesting their messages into contemporary forms that culminate in communicating the championing of creativity to keep art alive in the minds of our children.
My 20/20 vision: ponder the Power of perception, position a perspective to provide paths to all possibilities. Rub away the rust of pitted pessimism and rough roads ridden, ripen my mind, and smell the fruits of labour…be grateful for all I have and hone a home that holds happiness - this is finding Fortune. Grasp the Great in the gallows of my Gut then listen to loud vibrations that vault the vibes of Veritas into Valour…
As I said in 1.0: “Construct tablets, carve out core language, inoculate from isolation - build Strength in Solidarity & be Warm in Wisdom for a Wonderful New Year…”


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Welcome to my World - Web wanderers… I welcome you to walk my welcome mat. Wade in the wonder by dipping your toe in a trip that turns your trajectory toward the sky then sends you sideways. Defy the design of doldrum dogma and definitions to take a punch at preconceived perceptions by questioning quantum quotients to quicken zero gravity - then walk up walls to waken wisdom from wise minds of the past. Injection mold intuitive instinct to insulate important entrances to interior spaces. Ponder a path punctuated by pillars of philosophy to open gateways to powerful new perceptions.
Many say everything happens in 3’s…So here’s my 3-course mind meal:
1.0: “Construct tablets that carve out core language.
2.0: Create an identity inspired by individuality that is inoculated from isolation.
3.0: Build Strength in the Solitary Solidarity of Self to be Warm in Wisdom.
Graduate by Reading between the Runic… then rate the ride in this life by learning to see lines in the sand sent by sages…