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Open your mind to creative viewpoints to open debate...

Freedom of expression is the bedrock of freedom…

This section of the Shelley Batcules website is dedicated creative writing and visual projects, that have been, or will be posted to various social media posts There are three categories available in the navigation, described as the creative process, Political Pill, and the Philosophical Viewpoint.
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Shelley Batcules and MAXime Bernier,
Leader of the People's Party of Canada

POST: April 18, 2021

TOGETHER WE STAND STRONG: Maxime Bernier PPC Leader for Prime Minister of Canada & Shelley Batcules Political Portrait Painter – in the creation of the ART of Politics – to paint a picture with a positive vantage point soon to come over the horizon, where the silent MAJORITY STANDS-UP for FREEDOM.

NO MORE TIME to flight from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) NOW is the TIME to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

OUR BASIC RIGHTS ARE IN THREAT, many have trusted the tyrant’s agenda to LOCK innocent people up, but trust the tides will turn, the seas will rise, then turn the page to the simple fact FREEDOM is our GOD given right, and will remain if we are resilient in resistance.

Contemplate to build courage, consider our right to breathe has been taken. THE HOME was once where the Heart is, instead Home is now the New Age Internment/Concentration Camp where family is not allowed to gather around the hearth.

BE Conscious, wake from the dream World of false dogma, CHECKMARK in change…

Need I Say more...
Sometimes it is better to let the picture tell a thousand thoughts.
Reflection is always relevant, and reciprocity sets the rhythm for Great Relationships.
Hold hands, and shake with conviction.

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The Greatness in Grey-Matter and Is “Common Sense” BLACK & WHITE? I contemplate the two-sides of “the Common-Sense Currency Conundrum.”

“HEADS UP” - People need to look up and value “Common-Sense Consciousness.” Cook-up a plain old-fashioned good sense casserole, spiced up daily with sound practical judgement, a pinch of “Free thinking” sprinkled on "Leaves of Logic" – Best served with a BBQ backbone pulled Out of the Fire in that “rare moment” of subconscious gut instinct charred well “ON THE FLIP-SIDE”

“TRUST YOUR GUT,” hold “Old School” thinking, revere rebellious acts, “Call Out” Authoritarianism, remember Revolutionary acts like Thomas Paine in 1776 and the “Common Sense pamphlet” published at the beginning of the American Revolution. Stop Minting the thinking of a “One-sided coin.”

“GRASP THE GREY” and find 90% more efficiency in the Mind's Matter. Common sense is black & white so take a chance on our community of practical thinking people and give humans the honour to rise above hurdles to reach new heights before the robots race over us.