"My view is: “ART is the root of smART” and the essential nutrient to nourish the expansion of grey matter into colour. Art forms the circle of my life, as my senses serve up my universal language and form of expression to manifest the ultimate process and expansion of mind, body and spirit to explore conscious and subconscious experiences." Shelley Batcules

Shelley Batcules is a Canadian painter that creates canvases that combine abstract, representational and mixed media elements to create narratives that charter through the multi-faceted aspects of life such as human emotion, how humans create and experience their concrete three-dimensional reality, and how we as mortal beings imagine and conceptualize life beyond the flesh. Batcules has a curiosity to explore the non-physical and theories based in the unknown, which relate to the idea of infinity using monumental scale, tightly cropped portraits, landscape realism and powerful recognizable forms that ease the viewer into opening their mind to unknown realities expressed through an abstract language resonating with colour harmonics and dreamscapes.

Batcules is best known for her luxurious thick textural large-scale abstracts with a distinct painterly technique that creates a complex movement and undercurrent of disruption hovering just below their moving surfaces, which enlivens the philosophically themed subjects. Her compositions and imagery have a surreal edge often hinting at scenarios that juxtapose dark societal subtexts with finding the light in life, using mixed media as messages buried within thick paint. The driving creative forces behind the work are complex scientific colour and psychological alphabet exploring emotions through a fusion of abstract and representational imagery.

Welcome to the Shelley Batcules Gallery and Studio located on the popular Niagara wine route in picturesque Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. Currently the gallery is open by appointment, select weekday and weekend open studio hours, and through special events. Please go to the contact page to set an appointment and find out open studio times or through direct email at: batcules@shelleybatcules.com.

In the summer of 2018 we embarked on an extensive outdoor landscaping project to be unveiled for special events and art classes in 2020. The goal is to establish regular hours of operation to include gallery viewings, studio art classes, art as therapy classes, design and print services and special events and collaborations. Enjoy the website, feel free to send comments and questions, and I look forward to meeting you soon to share in the love of Art and all the power it has to offer.

Artist Statement

Shelley Batcules thinks of herself as a spirited creator embracing and appreciating every moment as a creative opportunity. She holds a strong belief that life is a classroom built based on a circle of learning all facets of the human condition and the recognition the only constant in life is a perpetual cycle of constant change, which requires openness to creative thinking in order to embrace fully every aspect of existence.

The course of our life presents us with environments that define what and how we learn which in turn opens distinct thought processes and feelings leading to the formation of what we believe in and how we act out that faith and determination. Our character is constructed through personal choices and experiences that create challenges and rewards over the course of our life which we use to build a distinct arsenal of skills and methods of communication that define our voice and viewpoint.

This is where the power of art and its inherent characteristic of free expression open the way to express free will. Faith is the manifestation of free will. Art is a powerful way to express this phenomenon. Realism allows the documentation of that which we can see and when combined with abstraction opens up a vast opportunity to document that which we imagine within the world of the subconscious and unknown.

Behind the eyes of the painter: Shelley creates artworks that charter human emotion using a variety of genres such as abstraction, expressionistic portraiture, landscape, mixed media with an interest in linguistics and wordplay. Her goal is to stimulate the viewer toward a feeling of curiosity in that which we cannot see. Depending on the subject, Shelley creates a distinct artistic alphabet and signature to synthesize and/or compare and contrast what people see as concrete reality in a three dimensional world (portrait/landscape elements) combined with (abstract elements) fourth dimension quantum, the unknown, otherwise known as subconscious dreamscapes, capture concretized reality to discover infinity... using the monumental realism of representational painting to contribute powerful recognizable forms easing and evolving the mind into unconscious unknown realities expressed through an abstract language resonating with colour harmonics and dreamscapes that enable the soul to be set free...

This is the power of the arts - a gift we all share that should always be protected.

Art Advocacy and Leadership